Thursday, 13 December 2012


No 1 Son hounds me on a daily basis to embrace 'social media'.  In response I have signed up with LinkedIn, Google Mail, Twitter and am on Facebook.  Not sure how much more advice I can absorb on how to get more likes, retweets, how to write a blog, how not to write a blog, offers to increase the likes, retweets and so on.     

I am now 59 years old, yip - even have a pension, grow my own veggies, live in a small small village, work part time here and there, am an old hippie, love the blues, a good argument and jewellery.

It is very important to me that each necklace or pair of earrings gets my personal attention. My pearls are 70+ years old and in very very good condition, unworn.  I love that my gift boxes are of raw wood, they are made by an elderly chap in the village, which reminds me of the shortages after the war. No pretense just a beautiful pearl necklace.

I would of course much prefer to meet every single person who buys a string of pearls from me but this would be difficult however I am very grateful for the photographs that have been sent to me. Of course a bride wearing true vintage pearls is special but the  photos showing the pearls worn formally, everyday  and with jeans means that the pleasure of owning vintage pearls  will continue.

A step thru' my life.......

My favourite doll
Those were the days.


Being a mum
 No 1 Son





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    1. Thank you if I could wield a paint brush like you...that would be quite something!

  2. Beautiful, personal, warm... just like your pearls