Sunday, 8 February 2015

2013 and 2014

2013 and 2014 flew by.

Towards the end of last year my part-time job kicked up a gear or two. This left limited hours for my passion - pearls!

Nonetheless these remaining hours have been eaten up in a frenzy of ‘creative chaos’. Indeed the TO DO list sometimes seemed endless: A new website leads to the realisation that it needs to be compatible with all these handheld thingamajigs. This requires consultation with a mobile internet expert and a further revamp! In turn, the new website dictated new pictures, which was in truth just the excuse I needed to play with my new camera. Much tweaking and twisting later I had my images.

I love the results; no strong sharp harsh colours or shine - indeed, these 70 year old pearls pop with muted shades of creme rose and velvety creme colours.

Next I set to work creating a fun range of pearls. The goal was to make the set wearable with jeans, vintage dresses or for those wanting to bring some softness to office wear. ‘Understated not overloaded’ became my guiding motto.

I enjoy wearing  my   60"  long necklace of varying sizes and colours of pearls that can be worn draped  round your neck or  left hanging 1920's style.  What do you think?

While all this creating has been going on, I have also been researching and visiting as many vintage events as possible. And, promisingly, there are many many great events to choose from in 2015.

In particular, I was over the moon to secure a space for Vintage Pearls to trade at the Twinwood Festival in August 2015, especially as this was my favourite event from 2014. Twinwood has everything  a vintage aficionada could wish for; rockabilly, jazz and step-to music; old school vintage fashion stalls, including my recently purchased high-waisted side fastening 50's style jeans (you can find them here); classic cars; and dance lessons for those wishing to learn how to rock or, like me, in need of a gentle reminder.....

I hope to see some fellow pearl lovers there this year!

Tuesday, 6 January 2015


It is great to have arrived at 2015!

Wishing all a 2015 that ensures all your needs are met and that the year goes some way to delivering some of your wants!

2014 ended on a high note with a new website......with some new strings of pearls in addition to my classic pearl necklace.  A string of pearls to loop, lariats, 90 inch string of pearls to drape as you wish and more - personally I love to create a boho look with all the different lengths. 

Will have a stall at some great fairs this year and will post the venue addresses closer to the event date. Am particularly excited about a four day music festival......oooooh yes!

On a very short and sweet note - it was good to find that pearls are being noted in the 2015 daily press. Am not too sure that the advice to avoid certain designs in favour of another is a call I would make, people are different and should wear jewellery designs that suit their personality and that they enjoy wearing

Love the 'hot flush' cooling aid disguised as over sized pearl bracelets or necklaces.  Would get a bit annoyed wearing them once they warm up.

Lady Gaga is mostly quite outrageous in dress so surprised that her selfie with pearls was quite restrained and feminine. 

So much in the news about pearls and all of it makes me very happy to have a great selection to suit most tastes.

Happy New Year!