Tuesday, 6 January 2015


It is great to have arrived at 2015!

Wishing all a 2015 that ensures all your needs are met and that the year goes some way to delivering some of your wants!

2014 ended on a high note with a new website......with some new strings of pearls in addition to my classic pearl necklace.  A string of pearls to loop, lariats, 90 inch string of pearls to drape as you wish and more - personally I love to create a boho look with all the different lengths. 

Will have a stall at some great fairs this year and will post the venue addresses closer to the event date. Am particularly excited about a four day music festival......oooooh yes!

On a very short and sweet note - it was good to find that pearls are being noted in the 2015 daily press. Am not too sure that the advice to avoid certain designs in favour of another is a call I would make, people are different and should wear jewellery designs that suit their personality and that they enjoy wearing

Love the 'hot flush' cooling aid disguised as over sized pearl bracelets or necklaces.  Would get a bit annoyed wearing them once they warm up.

Lady Gaga is mostly quite outrageous in dress so surprised that her selfie with pearls was quite restrained and feminine. 

So much in the news about pearls and all of it makes me very happy to have a great selection to suit most tastes.

Happy New Year!

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