Sunday, 12 August 2012


To make the experience of buying my pearls as personal and enjoyable as possible, I use only family owned bits and pieces as props with my photographs and in this way you will get to know me as the person who is selling to you as opposed to a faceless company selling mass produced product on the internet. The internet is a wonderful invention and yes we are able to reach a much bigger market but somehow I feel that the personal touch is missing. 

It took me ages to learn to just hold a camera before I was able to take pictures of my pearls with bits and pieces that belonged to my mum and dad.

For example this picture has my mum's 1940's clutch bag in the background with a Hermes scarf from the 60's. the pearls are laid on my dad's cravat from the 50's.

A picture of my mum at a garden party in the 1950's - her name is Helena and I am proud to be called after her.