Sunday, 6 August 2017

About Van Vuuren's Vintage Pearls

Are you looking for the perfect accessory for your outfit? I'm Helena Van Vuuren, founder of Van Vuuren's Vintage Pearls. I specialise in producing beautiful, vintage, man-made pearl jewellery.

Who is Helena Van Vuuren?​


​I love my vintage pearls.
I've been working in the jewellery industry for a long time now. I started off working on the diamond mines in South Africa, before going to America to study at the Gemologial Institute of America. In my career I've also served at the British Jewellers Association.

​In 2001 I bought a consignment of vintage, man-made pearls that dated from the early 1940s from a Birmingham jewellery manufacturer. I decided to start a business creating hand-made jewellery that was firmly based on a love of pearls.

​This love of pearls runs through each of the vintage pearl necklaces I make.

​When I'm not hand-stringing a vintage pearl necklace, you can find me growing my own veggies, listening to the Blues, or enjoying a glass of red wine. Even the most ardent pearl-lover needs some time off!

​But enough about me.
"A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls" Coco Chanel

​You've been looking around at different options for accessorising your outfit, and you want to know if a Van Vuuren vintage pearl necklace can help you finish your look.

Van Vuuren's Vintage Pearl Necklace


​​My pearl necklaces offer an exquisite charm.

​Pearls have been worn by some of the most powerful women in history, like Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. Their classic style remains in fashion today.

​And today's prominent women, like Angelina Jolie and Michelle Obama, also look to contemporary pearl jewellery to make a statement in front of the camera.
Now you can look as stylish as your icons with one of my man-made, vintage pearl necklaces.

Whether your style is
classic or contemporary, I have a beautiful, vintage pearl necklace that will help to warm your complexion and give an air of refinement to your outfit.

​I also sell a range of
wedding pearls, for that special occasion where all eyes will be on you.

​Where should I start with Van Vuuren's Vintage Pearls?


1. Read my story
​Find out more about me and my vintage pearls.
2. Find me on Facebook 

I share a lot of useful information on social media about pearls. It's also a great way to get in touch.

3. ​Take a look at my vintage pearl necklaces and choose your favourite.
Browse my range of vintage collections of classic pearls, contemporary pearls, and marriage pearls. There’s a beautiful necklace for every occasion.

​Where can I find out more?


​You ask, I answer.

​If you can't find the answer to your question on my website, please
drop me a line and I'll answer it.