Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Prior to the 'age of the internet' it must have taken a long time to research a subject that one can now access within minutes. I have been a fan of the Forties and Fifties since a very young age and of course the internet has thousands and thousands of pictures and articles of the fashions of that era.  It is quite strange to think that the clothes my mum and sisters wore are now referred to as 'vintage clothes or jewellery or furniture'.

  A forties hand crocheted top made by my aunt.  I can recall that everyone I knew could either crochet, knit or sew. It was always exciting to get the latest magazines specially those with dressmaking, crochet and knitting patterns.

 Occasionally one would get something from the big shop in your nearest city but there was a special pleasure in making your own clothes. 

This stone coloured top is the perfect complement for the vintage cream coloured pearl choker necklace.  The smallest pearl diameter is  2mm graduating to a centre front pearl of 5mm -  necklace is 41cm long. 

 Many more pearls from the forties and fifties on my website

You might enjoy looking at one of my favourite facebook likes - many glamorous pictures of vintage fashions. 


  1. You are totally the BEST, Helena! Thanks for adding our Facebook link...I am totally with you on gorgeous vintage fashion! Love your blog!